Ancient Times Domiciles

To get your own Domicile:

* Write Zahra with your request. Please include your User Name at Ancient Times.
* You MUST be a member in good standing of Ancient Times.
* If you have an old Domicile from the earlier days here, Zahra will help you retrieve it.
* Those wishing a Domicile on Ancient Times must have been a member for a minimum of one month, and must have made a minimum of twenty posts (which brings one up to the next level in membership).

Domicile Information:

* You receive up to 8 webpages, and you'll be able to upload up to 20 of your own graphics and photos (approximately 30 K size limit apiece) * There's a graphics library of backgrounds and spot illos which you may use on your pages; these do not count to the above limits.
* This webspace is provided advertisement-free.
* A thread is provided in the Ancient Times Forum for discussion of Domicile coding, bugs, and questions.

You are now able to visit Member Domiciles, see below! ~ Contact Zahra when you want yours listed as ready to visit!!!

ALL Domicile users are subject to the terms and restrictions below.

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There are two ways of creating your Domicile:

ASSISTED EDIT (EDIT PAGE): No knowledge of HTML is required; merely fill out the templates.

ADVANCED EDIT: Put your HTML skills to work!

You may not use this space merely to store files to be accessed elsewhere.

You may not use this space to disseminate pornography, provide access to contraband, or promote illegal activities. This space must not be used to promulgate hate on the basis of gender, race, ethnic background, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. Your Registration Agreement you agreed to when you joined Ancient Times applies here. In questionable circumstances, decisions of the Administrators are final.

While you may refer to, link to, and discuss outside products or sites within your pages, if in the eyes of the Administrators your site is simply a commercial advertisement, we will ask that it be fixed or deleted.

No links to warez or pirated software will be tolerated. No executable files allowed.

We reserve the right to issue a warning on first offense, and to delete your Domicile if circumstances necessitate. Depending on severity of offense, the administrators may decide to delete an offensive Domicile without warning. An explanation will be issued to you.

As this space is provided free for qualified members, we reserve the right to issue further limitations in the future on web space provided to members, or to delete this feature entirely. Should the latter occur, every effort would be made to warn Domicile users sufficiently in advance so that you may collect their materials.

If you leave Ancient Times, or are otherwise removed, your Domicile will be deleted. Inactivity at Ancient Times over an extended period will be considered leaving the site. (Should circumstances necessitate absence, please contact an Administrator, and we will not delete you.) There's a grace period on this, considering the extended period the Domiciles have been down.

The Administrators and Owner of Ancient Times are not responsible for any material posted in these Domiciles. All opinions and viewpoints expressed therein belong to the creators of the actual pages. If something is brought to our attention, we will proceed in a common-sense fashion to resolve the difficulties.

Members' Domiciles

Cornellia Cornelius
jojo Nebuchadnezzar
Proserpina Curius

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