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Daily Life in the Orient

Follow the ancient Silk Road -- actually a series of West to East trails -- into the rich and heady cultures of central, eastern, and southern Asia. Venture off these paths into the islands of Indonesia, the Phillippines, and even down to the Pacific Islands. There is even a thread for Australia and another for New Zealand.

While steeped in centuries of history and traditions, venture to the Imperial Courts of China; or out into the countryside, as you allow accretions of centuries of dynasties, and their rich and varied learning, to wash over you.

Visit the islands of Japan, far to the East, and study the ancient cultures therein. Travel south, to the countries comprising Indochina, and back westwards again -- to mystical India.

Inhale the aromas of spices and seasonings from a thousand glorious cuisines, feast your eyes on stunningly-executed artwork and statuary.

The Orient gave us paper and gunpowder; the Orient is the seat of the major Eastern spiritual paths: Buddhism, Hindoism, Taoism, Shinto.

We bow, and welcome you!

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