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The Nile river flows, as it has for eons, northwards from the Nubian heights; rushing waters playing onwards past cataracts, down into the rich heartlands of the delta region, finally, through a hundred low-lying and snaking pathways, making its way into the Mediterranean. It washes and sustains even today that narrow but extensive band of land once known as Kemet.

For many recent centuries, the artifacts and hieroglyphics remained a mystery in all their immenseness and prevalence. It took the translation of the Rosetta Stone to begin to crack the wealth of knowledge, alongside the beauty, of the ancient Egyptians. Theirs was a culture that, though millenia modified it, remained recognizable for 4000 years.

We welcome you to this land; from its antecedents in the earliest glimmer of time, through to the end of the dynastic era well into historic times. We'll touch on the daily cycles of life, the yearly cycles of life-giving Nile floods, and the dynastic periods and cycles that raised up the fortunes of some, bringing low the fortunes of others.

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