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Egypt's history is one of the longest and richest cultures that has ever existed. Egyptian history stretches back thousands of years before the unification of the First Dynasty. Two leading examples are the cultures of Lower Egypt in the Faiyum Oasis and the Barbarian culture of Upper Egypt.

During this pre-Dynastic era, the first stepping stones of the Egyptian culture started to develop, and an Egyptian way of life would soon evolve into a superior culture that would leave an impression on the minds and hearts of the worlds populations thousands of years after the demise of the Pharaonic ages.

We come to the event that would change Egypt forever and launch what is known today as the First Dynasty. This was an idea from either a conqueror or a true patriot to his people and gods who held the answer that made Egypt become a nation above nations for its time. This event was the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt. Merging these lands and combining their resources was the key to success; however our view into this era is blinded by time and the ancient sands. One such way to piece together the mystery that cuts through the fabric of time and protected by the destructive desert sands is the study of the ruins. It just so happens that the First Dynasty was also the birth of another event: the birth of the funerary architecture. These early tombs were constructed out of mud bricks and are known as mastabas, and were built for the upper class of Egyptians. Some of these mastabas have survived the journey through time and with the hard work of archaeologists, we slowly learn the more about this age of mystery.

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