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Saints and Sinners

In the Middle Ages Life was considered short and as a pilgrimage to a better world. Saints were seen as people who followed the example of Jesus. But you could be a sinner to become later a saint. St MARY MAGDALENE was a splendid example of this idea.

Saints were mediators between man and God. They stood nearer to God then humans so if you prayed to a Saint his help would have more impact because he/she was nearer to God, since he or she could serve as your advocate with God. As the Middle Ages proceeded, Holy Mary, the mother of Christ, was the most mighty help.

According to their life, deeds, martyrium and other things Saints were specialized in their protections, and were helpers for specialized problems. To have the remains or parts of remains (relics) of a saint or of many saints was very important for churches. It also attracted many pilgrims, but making money in the wake of it wasn’t the primary goal of the churches. The Lives of the Saints were called Vitae and were elaborated time after time. St. Martinus (11 November) of Tours is a good example of different vitae with the ideas of the time in it. In his oldest vita (circa 400) his soldier’s life was played down.] In a tenth-century vita from the noble cloister of Cluny (all monks were from noble family) his officers carrier was over accentuated. So every time had its own type of Saints, and Sinners of course. In Saints and Sinners we will discus this most essential part of mediaeval life.

We also include a topic for the discussion of the ancient Germanic and Norse religions.

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