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Seshew Kemetan

Would you like to learn the hieroglyphic writing system of the Ancient Egyptians, and the meanings of their words? Do you like to read Egyptian literature from the ancient to the more modern, fiction and non-fiction alike? Have you have a few links or books you'd like to recommend? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Seshew Kemetan might be for you.

Seshew Kemetan is a group for all things Egyptian that is not covered in the other groups here in Kemet. Within this group you'll find Sesh Wer, a thread for discussing the ancient Egyptian writing system of hieroglyphs and the meaning of words; and Kemetan trivia, a thread where you can test your knowledge and test other members with your questions. Not to be forgotten, you will also find Virtual Library Links where you can click to other sites and learn even more about Egypt; and the Hap-N-Stance, for relaxing in. Other topics discuss the Middle Kingdom, or the cat in Egypt. Mini-tidbits are bits and pieces of Kemetan info that find their home best here.

You are invited to join us in Seshew Kemetan, for discussion on all things Egyptian and to share your thoughts, information, and speculations.

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