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  Ancient Times Membership & Registration Guidelines

     Ancient Times
         Registration Guidelines

Ancient Times Membership & Registration Guidelines

Welcome to Ancient Times. We are a private community of people interested in the study, and perhaps even the roleplay, of ancient historical times. Guests are welcome, and encouraged to view this site, but new members (who recieve posting and other priviledges) must be approved prior to the granting of membership. However, this is a simple process.

To apply to become a member of Ancient Times, either contact an administrator or write Feedback (addresses below). Essentially, an administrator will simply ask you as to your specific interests in the periods and cultures covered in Ancient Times. Taking the time for preliminary dialog tends to encourage future postings once on site.

Or, you can skip that stage and be sponsored by a current member of Ancient Times in good standing. You may check out the Ancient Times Code of Conduct and read it prior to registration.

Sponsoring members of Ancient Times must have been registered on the site for a minimum of 30 days and have reached the Apprentice Member Level, which arrives after making twenty posts. Any prospective sponser shall then contact one of the Administrators to inform them of the prospective member.

The primary Ancient Times Administrator available to answer questions regarding membership policies is:


Questions may also be forwarded to the Ancient Times Feedback email address.

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