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» Announcements
Welcome to Ancient Times! [ Read ] 9.6.06
» The Bazaar 6697120 No. of forums: 10
» Europe Crucible of Culture: Till 1000 A.D. 205427 No. of forums: 4
» Hellas 403443 No. of forums: 4
» Italia 208646 No. of forums: 7
» Kemet 143281 No. of forums: 5
» Mesopotamia - Moderated by: jojo Nebuchadnezzar
Discussion and roleplay pertaining to the Babylonian Empire covering from approximately 2,000 BCE to 539 BCE

Group Leaders: Zig ApilSin, jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Apiladey ApilSin
275 10 Date: 1.15.05
Time: 4:59pm

by: Tacitus the Younger
This group is for everything else Mesopotamian that doesn't have it's own specific group - you'll also find the region social thread here as well.

Group Leaders: jojo Nebuchadnezzar
75 9 Date: 3.21.06
Time: 8:25am

by: logicon
For the Glory of Persia!  (Discussion and roleplay of the Persian Culture.  Starting with the reign of Cyrus the Great and ending with Darius III)

Group Leaders: Serena, jojo Nebuchadnezzar
459 11 Date: 4.25.06
Time: 2:54pm

by: Phaidra
Discussion of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia

Group Leaders: jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Leah Enkidu, ApilIshtar
162 10 Date: 5.29.06
Time: 3:03pm

by: jojo Nebuchadnezzar
  The Assyrian Empire
The Assyrian influence in Mesopotamia

Group Leaders: jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Zig ApilSin
50 6 Date: 3.22.05
Time: 9:07am

by: logicon
  The Phoenicians:  The Original Masters of the Sea
For discussion and roleplay of the Phoenicians in their original Mesopotamian homebase, in Carthage, on the Mediterranean, and navigating the continent of Africa.

Group Leaders: Ayzebel Sidon, Apiladey ApilSin
65 7 Date: 1.22.05
Time: 4:29am

by: Tacitus the Younger
» The Americas 154062 No. of forums: 6
» The Celtic Lands 49336 No. of forums: 4
» The Orient 34545 No. of forums: 4
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