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» Announcements
Welcome to Ancient Times! [ Read ] 9.6.06
» The Bazaar 6697120 No. of forums: 10
» Europe Crucible of Culture: Till 1000 A.D. 205427 No. of forums: 4
» Hellas 403443 No. of forums: 4
» Italia 208646 No. of forums: 7
» Kemet - Moderated by: Birket, Pachet Ahhotep
  Archaic Kemet
For discussion of Egypt's Pre and Early Dynastic Periods, ranging from approximately 5,000 bce to the end of the 3rd Dynasty.

Group Leaders: Birket, Zahra
137 11 Date: 1.15.07
Time: 7:45am

by: Onions Hatshepsut
  18th Dynasty: Dynasty of the Sun
Historical overview of this dynasty: “Best of times and the worst of times”.

Group Leaders: Birket, Pachet Ahhotep
310 14 Date: 10.4.06
Time: 3:32pm

by: Birket
  Seshew Kemetan
This group is for almost everything else Egyptian.  This includes book clubs, learning hieroglyphs and even places to just kick back and relax.

Group Leaders: Onions Hatshepsut, Birket, Pachet Ahhotep
630 25 Date: 2.15.07
Time: 4:15am

by: Onions Hatshepsut
Historical overview of the 19th and 20th Dynasties of the New Kingdom era of Kemet's history

Group Leaders: Birket
159 19 Date: 3.21.04
Time: 7:15pm

by: Ankhesenpaaten
  The Old Kingdom
Discussion of the Old Kingdom period of Egypt's history.  Approximately spanning from the 3rd to the 6th Dynasties (2,675-2,170 bce)

Group Leaders: Thipu, Birket
196 12 Date: 2.24.04
Time: 1:42pm

by: Thipu
» Mesopotamia 108653 No. of forums: 6
» The Americas 154062 No. of forums: 6
» The Celtic Lands 49336 No. of forums: 4
» The Orient 34545 No. of forums: 4
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