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» Announcements
Welcome to Ancient Times! [ Read ] 9.6.06
» The Bazaar - Moderated by: Apiladey ApilSin
  Ancient Times Forum
This is the place to ask questions, offer up suggestions, ideas, complaints, etc.  Everyone is welcome!

Group Leaders: Birket, Zahra
1599 12 Date: 7.11.14
Time: 7:07am

by: Cashel
For discussion of archaeology including studies, techniques, excavations, news and trivia.

Group Leaders: Proserpina Curius, AntonioTertius
1063 11 Date: 6.6.07
Time: 4:42pm

by: Heril
  Pre-Civilization: Man’s Climb to Dominance
A discussion of prehistoric history up to the birth of civilization.  Dinosaurs, Evolution of man, Man's migration throughout the world.  Step back into what was ancient history to the ancient civilizations.

Group Leaders: Maatu
269 15 Date: 5.29.05
Time: 5:54pm

by: Tanaquil Lupus
Restricted Area: This group is for Group Leaders, Moderators and Administrators only.  This group features discussions and assistance to Group Leaders on maintaining their groups.

Group Leaders: Birket, Cornellia Cornelius, Clio A
1026 15 Date: 12.2.09
Time: 2:38pm

by: AntonioTertius
  The Bazaar of the Bizarre
This is the place to relax and chat with other members of the site...trivia, quizzes, odd notes, miscellaneous ideas, odds and ends.

Group Leaders: Birket, Apiladey ApilSin
1673 19 Date: 1.1.10
Time: 10:20am

by: Cashel
  The Ennead
RESTRICTED AREA:  For Administrators and Moderators use only.

Group Leaders: Zahra, Birket
489 17 Date: 12.11.06
Time: 12:07pm

by: turanclancath
  The World and History of the Bible
A mature discussion about the history, archaeological study, faith and events in the Bible

Group Leaders: Birket, jojo Nebuchadnezzar
344 15 Date: 6.23.09
Time: 8:29am

by: logicon
  Women in the Ancient World
A discussion group about women in antiquity

Group Leaders: leonora, Epona
213 9 Date: 5.19.05
Time: 11:59pm

by: turanclancath
  The Flooding of the Black Sea

Group Leaders: Apiladey ApilSin, Zahra
18 2 Date: 1.16.06
Time: 5:27pm

by: Phaidra

Group Leaders: Arianell Cruithni, Birket
3 5 Date: 12.6.05
Time: 7:01pm

by: Arianell Cruithni
» Europe Crucible of Culture: Till 1000 A.D. - Moderated by: turanclancath, Tacitus the Younger, Fiorenza
  From Rome to Aix la Chapelle and Rome Again
Disintegration of Roman Empire through Charlemagne

Group Leaders: Tacitus the Younger, Cashel, logicon, Serena
216 4 Date: 9.10.07
Time: 1:10am

by: Tacitus the Younger
  From Post Roman till Romanesque
A cauldron of culture and arts including the Caliphate of Cordoba

Group Leaders: turanclancath, Cashel, Tacitus the Younger, Phaidra
874 9 Date: 9.5.06
Time: 1:24pm

by: Tacitus the Younger
  Saints and Sinners
From Silvester I till Silvester II. The early Mediaeval Church.

Group Leaders: turanclancath, jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Amil Apilsin, Tiamo Domitius
264 4 Date: 12.11.06
Time: 12:19pm

by: turanclancath
  The Vikings
For the discussion and roleplay of the Vikings, Nordic adventurers extraordinaire

Group Leaders: logicon, Phaidra, Epona
700 10 Date: 12.31.07
Time: 4:03pm

by: Phaidra
» Hellas - Moderated by: logicon, Tacitus the Younger
  Classical Hellas
Discussion and roleplay in classical and Hellenistic Hellas

Group Leaders: Clio A, Lost
444 10 Date: 12.24.08
Time: 10:57am

by: Tacitus the Younger
  Minoan Crete
For discussion and roleplay of the Minoan civilization that flourished on the island of Crete.

Group Leaders: Phaidra, Tacitus the Younger
2806 11 Date: 4.14.10
Time: 6:33pm

by: Phaidra
For discussion and roleplay of the late bronze age civilization in Greece.

Group Leaders: Ariadne, Phryne
290 7 Date: 11.13.08
Time: 3:28pm

by: Phaidra
  The Agora
The meeting and greeting place of Hellas, and general discussion on Hellenic topics

Group Leaders: Sibylla Aristocratos, logicon
494 15 Date: 10.29.05
Time: 11:31am

by: AntonioTertius
» Italia - Moderated by: Cornellia Cornelius, AntonioTertius
  Architectura Conlegium
Discussion of the architecture of ancient Roma

Group Leaders: Publius Tertius, Cornellia Cornelius, AntonioTertius
120 9 Date: 5.20.04
Time: 4:34pm

by: Cornellia Cornelius
  The Etruscans
For discussion and roleplay pertaining to the Etruscan civilization of Italia that existed between approximately 800 bce and 300 bce.

Group Leaders: Heraklia Aelius, AntonioTertius
170 4 Date: 4.14.10
Time: 6:38pm

by: Phaidra
  Fabularum Bibliotheca
Discussion of books about ancient Roma

Group Leaders: AntonioTertius, Cornellia Cornelius
356 8 Date: 6.26.08
Time: 5:32am

by: Justina Cassius
  Forum Romanum
The meeting and greeting place of Italia

Group Leaders: AntonioTertius, Cornellia Cornelius
372 8 Date: 8.11.05
Time: 11:19pm

by: logicon
  The Roman Empire
For discussion and roleplay of the Roman Empire and its many Emperors

Group Leaders: Capernica Maria, Cashel
717 7 Date: 4.4.08
Time: 1:19pm

by: Cashel
  The Roman Republic
For discussion and roleplay during the years of the Roman Republic

Group Leaders: Capernica Maria, Cashel
351 10 Date: 7.17.08
Time: 7:14pm

by: Heril
  Italy before the Romans
Samnites, Apulians, Umbrians, Sabines, and more

Group Leaders: Cashel, Heril
0 0 N/A
» Kemet - Moderated by: Birket, Pachet Ahhotep
  Archaic Kemet
For discussion of Egypt's Pre and Early Dynastic Periods, ranging from approximately 5,000 bce to the end of the 3rd Dynasty.

Group Leaders: Birket, Zahra
137 11 Date: 1.15.07
Time: 7:45am

by: Onions Hatshepsut
  18th Dynasty: Dynasty of the Sun
Historical overview of this dynasty: “Best of times and the worst of times”.

Group Leaders: Birket, Pachet Ahhotep
310 14 Date: 10.4.06
Time: 3:32pm

by: Birket
  Seshew Kemetan
This group is for almost everything else Egyptian.  This includes book clubs, learning hieroglyphs and even places to just kick back and relax.

Group Leaders: Onions Hatshepsut, Birket, Pachet Ahhotep
630 25 Date: 2.15.07
Time: 4:15am

by: Onions Hatshepsut
Historical overview of the 19th and 20th Dynasties of the New Kingdom era of Kemet's history

Group Leaders: Birket
159 19 Date: 3.21.04
Time: 7:15pm

by: Ankhesenpaaten
  The Old Kingdom
Discussion of the Old Kingdom period of Egypt's history.  Approximately spanning from the 3rd to the 6th Dynasties (2,675-2,170 bce)

Group Leaders: Thipu, Birket
196 12 Date: 2.24.04
Time: 1:42pm

by: Thipu
» Mesopotamia - Moderated by: jojo Nebuchadnezzar
Discussion and roleplay pertaining to the Babylonian Empire covering from approximately 2,000 BCE to 539 BCE

Group Leaders: Zig ApilSin, jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Apiladey ApilSin
275 10 Date: 1.15.05
Time: 4:59pm

by: Tacitus the Younger
This group is for everything else Mesopotamian that doesn't have it's own specific group - you'll also find the region social thread here as well.

Group Leaders: jojo Nebuchadnezzar
75 9 Date: 3.21.06
Time: 8:25am

by: logicon
For the Glory of Persia!  (Discussion and roleplay of the Persian Culture.  Starting with the reign of Cyrus the Great and ending with Darius III)

Group Leaders: Serena, jojo Nebuchadnezzar
459 11 Date: 4.25.06
Time: 2:54pm

by: Phaidra
Discussion of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia

Group Leaders: jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Leah Enkidu, ApilIshtar
162 10 Date: 5.29.06
Time: 3:03pm

by: jojo Nebuchadnezzar
  The Assyrian Empire
The Assyrian influence in Mesopotamia

Group Leaders: jojo Nebuchadnezzar, Zig ApilSin
50 6 Date: 3.22.05
Time: 9:07am

by: logicon
  The Phoenicians:  The Original Masters of the Sea
For discussion and roleplay of the Phoenicians in their original Mesopotamian homebase, in Carthage, on the Mediterranean, and navigating the continent of Africa.

Group Leaders: Ayzebel Sidon, Apiladey ApilSin
65 7 Date: 1.22.05
Time: 4:29am

by: Tacitus the Younger
» The Americas - Moderated by: Tio Coyotl
  Machu Picchu
A group for discussion and roleplay of the Inca civilization that flourished in South America.

Group Leaders: Tio Coyotl
62 8 Date: 5.27.06
Time: 8:27pm

by: Phaidra
A group offering discussion and roleplay of the Toltec, Olmec, Teotihuacan and Aztec cultures of Mexico.

Group Leaders: Tio Coyotl, Tanaquil Lupus
1177 16 Date: 4.14.10
Time: 6:44pm

by: Phaidra
  The Americas
This group is for everything else Americas that doesn't have its own specific group - you'll also find the region social thread here as well.

Group Leaders: Tio Coyotl, Kolichiyaw, Caelius Agricola
118 13 Date: 8.15.05
Time: 5:14pm

by: Phaidra
  The Iroquois League
Discussion and roleplay of the various Northeast and Woodland Tribes, including the Iroquois, Algonquian, Abnaki, Mohawk, and others located in the northeastern region of North America

Group Leaders: Tio Coyotl
13 5 Date: 12.24.04
Time: 1:28pm

by: Tio Coyotl
  The Southwest
Discussion and roleplay of the tribes of the Southwest, including the Hopi, Navaho, Anasazi, Zuni and Pueblo.

Group Leaders: Tio Coyotl, Kolichiyaw
32 6 Date: 12.4.06
Time: 8:32am

by: Heril
A group focusing on the discussion and roleplay of the Mayan civilization as it existed from approximately 2,000 BCE to 1540 CE

Group Leaders: Tio Coyotl, Caelius Agricola
138 14 Date: 11.7.05
Time: 11:51am

by: Tanaquil Lupus
» The Celtic Lands - Moderated by: Tacitus the Younger, Cashel
This group offers discussion and roleplay set in Britain, Cornwall & Wales

Group Leaders: Tacitus the Younger, Cashel, Proserpina Curius, turanclancath
162 8 Date: 1.30.05
Time: 5:40am

by: Tacitus the Younger
  Cruithne Territories
Discussion and roleplay of things Pictish.  The Picts were an ancient people who lived in most areas of Scotland over a thousand years ago.

Group Leaders: Tacitus the Younger, Cashel, Proserpina Curius
54 9 Date: 12.6.05
Time: 6:33pm

by: Arianell Cruithni
  Insula Sacra
Discussion and roleplay of pre-Christian Ireland

Group Leaders: Tacitus the Younger, Cashel, Proserpina Curius
39 7 Date: 3.22.05
Time: 12:25pm

by: Cashel
  The Celtic Lands
This group is for everything else Celtic/European that doesn't have it's own specific group - you'll also find the region social thread here as well.

Group Leaders: Tacitus the Younger, Cashel, Proserpina Curius
238 12 Date: 5.23.05
Time: 2:26am

by: turanclancath
» The Orient - Moderated by: Jebu
A group focusing on the discussion and roleplay of the Chinese culture during it's Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages.  (approximately 2,205 BCE to 80 CE)

Group Leaders: Aspasia Tullius
113 10 Date: 4.25.04
Time: 11:54am

by: AntonioTertius
  Daily Life in the Orient
Leave your shoes and sandals outside, and come in to unwind the cares of the day. Discussions as well as social events.

Group Leaders: Jebu
118 14 Date: 2.4.06
Time: 4:48pm

by: Heril
For discussion and roleplay pertaining to India and its various cultures and periods.

Group Leaders: Proserpina Curius
64 14 Date: 4.5.05
Time: 11:04am

by: Heril
This group is for the Japanese culture, and the Jomon and Ainu peoples, who were eventually almost-entirely displaced by incoming Japanese invaders onto the islands that comprise Japan.  

Group Leaders: Jebu
50 7 Date: 7.20.03
Time: 6:55am

by: Somatophylax
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