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    Ancient Times

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Welcome to Ancient Times! †The administrative staff would like to extend a warm welcome to all members of our small cyber community. †This is a place we decided to create for more serious historical discussion and having a bit of fun with roleplay and other items as well. †We at Ancient Times are a small community but we have fun sharing and caring about each other. † †

Please look in the Ancient Sites Forum, it is where you would put your questions/suggestions/comments/etc., or be able to view other memberís ideas or concerns. †If you would like to keep it personal or to see any new groups created, please feel free to contact Birket or Zahra for details on the procedures.

If you have the time, we invite you to drop by The Bazaar and say a hello to the other site members. †We also have a page dedicated to site members' web pages that you can find here and a friendís list where you can leave a message or view their profile. †

If you like to see what posts have been made since your last visit in the groups you frequent, click on the "Check New Posts" link on the top menu bar. †If you are interested in uploading your own avatar, or one from our avatar shop, please read through the instructions for the avatar up-loader very carefully. †A number of our members have been gracious enough to design and share their avatars for the benefit of the site. †If you encounter any problems, please let us know! We are happy to help you out. † †

We would like to ask that everyone be considerate and respectful of the other members of Ancient Times. †This site was created with the intention of having fun while learning about ancient civilizations. †Any violation of the code or Conduct could cause the member to be suspended from the site.

We do hope you will enjoy Ancient Times and feel free to post in whatever areas interest you. †


Birket and Zahra
Administrators of Ancient Times

Posted on:8:13 pm on Sep. 6, 2006

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