Welcome to Ancient Times!
Beginners' Guide

Just a few hints and guidelines to make your experience at our Ancient Times community most useful and enjoyable:

At the bottom of the entrance page there are links to site resources and activities. The main area of this site focuses on the Community, the Ikonboard area which is the Region and Group index page. In the community, you will find a useful menu at the top to help you navigate around the Ikonboard.

You will need to write us in order to apply for membership. We will then, on a weekly basis, send out invitations for you to go register for membership. A password will be generated for you and sent to your e-mail address. You can always change that in the Profile button at the top of any Ikonboard screen. As a member, you fill out a profile (most of which is optional), and select an avatar, or use one of your own. Please note that some versions of Netscape and Opera have problems with this form.

Avatars are limited to 100 pixels wide by 160 pixels tall, with a 40kb max. If you supply something out of proportion to this, your avatar will come out rather sickly looking, or at least strange. Your avatar must be named with your member name. Please do NOT use spaces in your avatar name (underscores may be substituted as needed). Once your avatar is uploaded, go to your profile, and at the bottom where you can choose your avatar, at the drop down list select the "custom" or "personal" option. This will match your avatar with your member name, and you may "submit". If you wish to donate avatars, e-mail them to one of the site administrators.

The Messenger is your personal Ancient Times mailbox. You can send and receive messages to all members of Ancient Times. If you have a message awaiting you, a flashing animation will badger you on the upper right hand side of the screen.

Please do read the Code of Conduct; it is important for everyone's enjoyment.

In Links, you will find connections relating to offline sites pertinant to our areas of ancient history. It is easy to add a link of your own, as well as explore. Members may also link here to their own offsite URL's.

Domiciles are currently down, but we are planning on restoration of these. So you will know what to expect when they return:
Domiciles are personal webspace, with some restrictions. You can create up to 10 pages of a personal home site, using 20 graphics of 20k maximum each. You can use an editor which will help you create your pages, provided herein, or a more advanced one where you write your own code. Domiciles are a feature reserved for members of over 30 days duration who post actively here. If you fit the bill and would be interested in a Domicile, contact an Administrator and they will set you up.

Various geographic regions are recognized in Ancient Times. Currently, we have

  • Americas (North and South, focusing on the Native American cultures),
  • Celtic Lands (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and European Celts),
  • Europe: Crucible of Culture. (This one goes to 1000 AD, discussing events and cultures of mainlaind Europe, along with the travels and culture of the Vikings.)
  • Hellas (ancient Greece and environs),
  • Italia (ancient Rome from the pre-Etruscans up to the Republic of Rome),
  • Kemet (the full range of pre- and dynastic era Egypt),
  • Mesopotamia (the early civilizations and cultures of the regions in and surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates, as well as those of the Phoenicians as they settled further afield),
  • Orient (From India to China and Japan and Korea, and into the Pacific islands).
  • The Bazaar is for general discussion, announcements, and several groups which cross regional lines.
Look to your region moderators for assistance in your regions of interest.

Each region is comprised of groups, which focus more narrowly on a given topic or culture, or era. Topics, or topic threads within groups are set to gear conversational patterns more specifically.

In order to make it easier to read recent posts in topic threads, the most recent are listed on top.

Any questions, don't hesitate to waylay a regional moderator or an admin. Thanks!